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Ghost Valley Master - Full 6 DVD Set

Ghost Valley Master - Full 6 DVD Set



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    The Ghost Valley Master


    This new training program will enable you to harness this powerful (and almost lost) fighting system of yourself.


    So let me tell you now about what’s covered in this ALL new package. First up in this NEW training, I looked at the foundational concepts and principles behind this system.


    I’ll walk you through how the Ghost Valley Master system was developed and how it works - and how it was taught as part of a lineage-based system to the farming community I met in China. Many of the original arts are hidden in the communities.


    I’ll start from scratch, so even if you’re brand new to this - it won’t matter.


    Nor does it matter how old you are, or how out of shape you are. You can pick up and use this information within minutes of getting started. 


    I will walk you through the STRIKING secrets of theGhost Valley Master.


    The ‘Ghost Valley Master’ was renowned for his striking, and also his ability to create ‘iron’ fists and fingers as striking tools. 


    This means the striking element of this ‘system’ is critical. I walk you through all you need to know, starting from a beginner’s level (you do NOT need any experience to get started with this - I walk you through it all, step-by-step)...


    You’ll learn:


    ●     A ‘disguised’ punch that is almost impossible to see coming - a highly brutal and effective way to destroy an opponent that few people know about(apply this to the right area of the body, and it’s awful).


    ●     “You hardly need to do anything once you train this skill” - this strike is ideal if you not as strong as some. You can still generate awesome power to take out a bigger and stronger opponent.


    ●     “The heart stopping ghost valley palm” - this will rupture arterial tissue. Be SUPER careful with this one.


    ●     Even done lightly - you may find your training partner needs CPR from THIS strike!


    ●     A special fist strike that is designed to break a skull open like a coconut shell. This is ideal for breaking and fracturing someone’s ribs, too. SUPER painful and devastating.


    ●     “This cuts down into the chest, draining his lungs of energy,  can’t breath, can’t fight”. You’ll see this strike and how effective it is (my training partner certainly felt it  - as you’ll see!)


    ●     How to ‘triangulate’ the energy, applying to torque to your strikes that will create a ‘blast’ effect in the body. This strike is great for shattering ribs!


    ●     Strikes for ripping windpipes, and tearing pectoral muscles clean off the bone (once you master this technique, his pec muscle will come off the bone like a BBQ rib after a slow roast!)


    Next up in the training, we looked at immobilising points…


    Because as good as these ‘Ghost Valley Master’ strikes are, they are useless without knowing WHERE to strike…


    You’ll learn:


    ●     How to use the nervous system to STOP a fight immediately. He will be knocked out, and maybe worse. Depending on HOW you strike, you can even affect how he will ‘go down’...


    ●     “ALL these points will cause unconsciousness.” What they are, how to use them - all in detail so you can ‘take out the trash’ (on the streets) as and when required. To defend yourself


    ●     How to use the IRON needle straight into the opponent’s eye - obviously, with devastating effect!


    ●     “THIS point made someone concussed for TWO weeks - and that was just in training”. What it is >> how to use it…


    ●     A special ‘indentation’ on the head you can strike (and I’ll show you two separate, and equally effective, ways to strike it). This will knock him out COLD…in fact, even at LOW power this is VERY unpleasant…


    ●     “Even training this point lightly, you’ll get a headache” - what it is and how to use it. If you strike this hard, be prepared for BAD consequences…


    ●     How to rupture the sinus membrane. Once you do, this can cause traumatic and never-ending pain and blood loss (I know - I’ve had it happen to me personally)....


    ●     You might need to call an ambulance if you use THIS point on your attacker! 


    ●     A LESS dangerous point that will simply stop him breathing (just for a while). Ideal if you don’t want to go all out and really hurt him. Just hit him with this and watch him squirm and gasp for air…



    The great thing as well is that you can use these points in combination…that means you’ll double, triple and quadruple their effects! Your attacker won’t know what hit them - and likely won’t wake up for a week!


    You’ll also learn how to combine the points together with the Ghost Valley strikes - so you’ll have everything you need to demolish street scum.


    As I’ve tried to stress…just be CAREFUL with these points. They can stop hearts and disrupt chi, as well as shutting down organs. So watch how you use this (especially with your training partner/s).



    One of the key aspects of the Ghost Valley Master approach (and that of the people who still use this art) is to develop a body of iron.


    A body that, through Chi training, can withstand virtually any attack with strikes.  I showed a person the promo video and he asked if he could test my Iron Body skill,  Well, he almost broke his wrist1 How? I’ll show you how. 


    In this next section of the training, I’ll show you how to infuse your body with an iron-like energy that will make you almost impervious to blows from your attacker.


    You’ll learn, for example, how to train your ribs and abdominal muscles so they are VERY hard-to-hurt. I’ll even perform a live demonstration for you, with a student pounding away with his bare fists, with little to no effect!


    (Don’t be surprised if your opponent ends up causing more damage to his hands than he does to your body).


    I’ll also demonstrate arm strength, with a student striking me on the arms with a combination of 10 heavy bamboo sticks PLUS too many people demo Fake iron body skills by having concrete smashed on them, but the concrete takes the main impact  these are tricks and so I demonstrate TRUE Iron body using a sledge-hammer direct on my body taught in the Ghost Valley Master System.


    Just for fun: I’ll show you how to use the Ghost-Valley Master Secrets I’ll be teaching you to withstand all sorts of strikes. We even got he sledge-hammer out at one point, with my student hitting me in the body with it.


    Disclaimer: this is NOT for beginners, but only for advanced students who’ve used the Ghost Valley Masters training for a while.



    You’ll also learn how to generate massive amounts of powder using the Ghost Valley Masters Rib Power Secrets - even if you’re small and of slight stature, and no matter how old you are - and how to use this in combination with the points and strikes you’ve also learned to put it all together…


    Put this all together and you’ll be a VERY dangerous person!




    I will also walk you through how to put all these secrets together against modern-day street attacks.


    This close-combat system is ancient, so I’ve put my own spin on it here - so you can use it against the most common attacks in today’s modern World (whilst retaining the integrity and principles of the original Ghost Valley system).


    I’ll teach you:


    -       How to use a double-strike to take him out from one of today’s most common street attacks. This ‘double attack’ is virtually impossible to defend against (it also bends his windpipe).

    -       What to do if a thug grabs you (perhaps in a bar, or the street) - you’ll combine a strike AND a gouge for double-the-damage. He won’t come back from this…

    -       “His ear will probably come off”. Yes, ears are removable. I’ll show you how the ancient Chinese did it…

    -       Being strangled? Put his lights out quickly and easily - without punching to the face or striking the groin…

    -       And more…


    Shot in HD!


    The whole training is shot in High-Definition, and is expertly edited (with multiple camera angles), making for an easy learning experience. 


    It’s as if you were right there with me!


    In total, you’re getting the full 6-DVD training here, revealing the whole Ghost-Valley Masters system ‘step-by-step’.


    It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from now (it doesn’t matter if you’re a rank beginner or an advanced black-belt). This training can be used by anyone, and you can start using it within minutes of me showing you the simple techniques.


    Once you’re done with this training, you’ll possess knowledge that few other people will ever have. You’ll have in your hands a system that few, if any, Westerner knows anything about…


    …and you’ll have in your possession a COMPLETE combat system that’s dangerous ONCE you’ve been trained in it… 


    You’ll be able to take out attackers with ease, no matter 

    how big they are, OR how small you are…


    You’ll be privy to knowledge acquired over thousands of years...knowledge that's going to give YOU an incredible advantage over anyone foolish enough to mess with you!


    Just as the Chinese Masters were and are held in the highest you will be, too – by your fellow training partners, by friends, family and even people you ‘show' your new-found skills to.




    DVD option too!


    Most people prefer downloads these days, but we know there’s still a lot of customers who love having a hard-copy on DVD - to keep right alongside the rest of your ‘Steven Burton Collection’!


    So you can opt for the DVD version for which just adds the cost of the postage.

    (Please allow 2 weeks delivery given current Worldwide shipping times for the DVD copies to arrive).


    You’ll never get a better time than now!


    Within just moments of watching the training, you can be more confident in your ability to handle whatever the ‘street’ throws at you….and let’s face it - we all need this kind of insider knowledge more than ever, right now today!


    The World is in trouble, violence is on the rise.   


    I will teach YOU how to protect yourself and your family and friends.  With exclusive FREE support direct from myself ONLY when purchased at

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