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Dim Mak Mastery - Full 8 DVD Collection

Dim Mak Mastery - Full 8 DVD Collection


Learn authentic Dim Mak and Iron Shirt direct from the MASTER deep in the heart of China. Sifu Steven Burton's quest to locate his Master in the depths of China takes him to the Masters ancestral home where he learns Advanced Dim Mak direct from one of the foremost Masters of the subject in the world.


Overview :- DVD 1 - The Master teaches foundation of Dim Mak methods and concepts Sifu Steven Burton finds his Master deep in the heart of China and for the 1st Time ever shares the most hidden knowledge direct from his Master allowing YOU to learn this devastating skill.

DVD 2 - Essential Dim Mak striking methods In Dvd 2 The Master shows the most devastating hand formations that are used for striking the Dim Mak points that will make you self defence better than ever before.

DVD 3 - Shaolin Limb Destruction

DVD 3 sees the Master teaching Limb destruction which will teach you how to litterally rip any attacker to shreds.

DVD 4, 5 & 6 - The Top 17 most effective Dim Mak Points In DVD 4,5 and 6 Sifu Steven Burton asks the Master to teach the long forbidden hidden knowledge of the 17 Most effective and devastating Dim Mak points.

DVD 7 - Iron Shirt to strengthen the body and counter Dim Mak strikes DVD 7 Introduces the concepts of Iron Shirt, The Master 1st shows the correct training method for learning Iron Shirt and then Sifu Steven Burton shows the way to apply it to make your body impervious to pain. The Iron Shirt method can be used to counter Dim Mak strikes and will teach both the physical and Qi elements of the training. Learning this method is essential and will make your body very strong.

DVD 8 - Advanced Iron Needle hand formation and Combat applications. DVD 8 concludes the training programme by teaching the devastating IRON NEEDLE strike. This is an advanced striking method and from the techniques taught you will have the ULTIMATE knowledge.

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